I am an IFBB professional bodybuilder, powerlifter, nutritionist, and trainer who has helped hundreds of athletes reach their fitness goals. My personal bodybuilding and powerlifting accomplishments include:

2014 IFBB Chicago Wings of Strength 212 – 10th place

2013 IFBB Chicago Wings of Strength 212 – 11th place

2012 NPC Master’s Nationals – 35+ Lightheavyweight Champion & Overall Champion (Earned IFBB Pro Status)

2011 NPC Jr Nationals Light Heavyweight 1st place

5th place Light Heavyweight – NPC Junior Nationals, 2010

2009 NPC Central States Championships – 1st place Middleweight & Overall Champion

2nd place 198-lb class – 2004 APF Michigan State Powerlifting Championships

Overall Novice Champion – Motor City Bodybuilding Championships, 2005

2nd Place Open Middleweight – Motor City Bodybuilding Championships, 2005 (Nationally Qualified)

5th Place Middleweight – NPC Junior Nationals, 2006

Going forward, my personal bodybuilding goals include moving up the competitive ladder as an IFBB 212 pro and continuing to help my clients reach their personal and competitive goals.

I am also part of Team EliteFTS and keep a training log and answer questions on their website. I’ve written nutrition articles for websites like T-nation and Wannabebig, and also some of the top physique magazines like FLEX and Men’s Health.

I’ve trained in a variety of methods over the years, and also competed in powerlifting in the APF in 2004-2005. My best competition lifts were a 600 squat, a 440 bench, and a 600 deadlift, all in the 198 class.

I’m sponsored by 360CUT Nutrition and TrueNutrition